ALOS PRISM画像の標定プログラムの作成とシミュレーションデータを用いたプログラムの検証
Development of a Program for Orientation of ALOS PRISM Images and its Verification Using Simulation Data

神谷 泉

Abstract: I developed an orientation program for ALOS PRISM images with open algorithms in order to determine error factors and to improve geometric accuracy. The program can adjust all or part of the following errors: photographic coordinates, position and attitude of the satellite, ground coordinates of the control points, the mounting angles of the radiometers, the principle distances, principle the positions. The program was verified using simulation data generated from ADS40's. The error factors of the simulation data were investigated; the principle distances were the primary factor, and attitude of the satellite was the secondary. Method of the investigation for the simulated data may be applicable in PRISM's.

Keywords: PRISM, orientation, adjustment, error factor, ADS40