Classification of Topography using 30 m DEM of Japan

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Please be sure to cite the following paper for publishing your results using the data of this Japanese terrain classification.

Iwahashi J, Yamazaki D, Nakano T, Endo R (2021) Classification of topography for ground vulnerability assessment of alluvial plains and mountains of Japan using 30 m DEM. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 8:3. DOI: 10.1186/s40645-020-00398-0 LINK

The data layer of terrain classification using 30 m DEM of Japan is "Classification using 30m DEM" .
The Land Condition Map and Shaded-relief (GSI) can be superimposed. The map legend of the Land Condition Map is here (sorry, in Japanese only).
30m解像度のDEMから作成した日本の地形分類データのレイヤは"Classification using 30m DEM"です。

If you have any questions, please ask the corresponding author.

GeoTIFF (Lambert azimuthal equal-area, WGS1984)

Download GeoTIFF (50 MB, unzipped volume will be about 58 MB)
The cell values correspond to Table 3 in the paper, where 11a is 11 and 11b is 111.

Polygon shapefile (Lambert azimuthal equal-area, WGS1984)

Download Shape file (219 MB, unzipped volume will be about 1.4 GB)
This shapefile includes the data described in Table 1 and Figure 7 of the paper.

Additional information

This study was supported by JSPS KAKENHI JP18H00769.
The classification (v1) was created from a 30 m DEM which was created by projection transformation from 1 arc-second grid elevation data ("Original DEM before adjustment" of J-FlowDir) which was aggregated from the Fundamental Geospatial Data (GSI DEM5A, 5B and 10B) in 2017.
There are NoData areas mainly in lakes, coastal areas and high filled lands. Please note that NoData does not necessarily mean water bodies.
地形分類(v1)は1秒メッシュの数値標高モデル(J-FlowDirの"Original DEM before adjustment";基盤地図情報のDEM5A、5B、10Bが集約されたもの)から作成されました。

Related studies

岩橋純子 (1994) 数値地形モデルを用いた地形分類手法の開発. 京都大学防災研究所年報 37B:141-156 (in Japanese with English abstract and figures) LINK
岩橋純子・神谷泉 (1995) 標高データを用いた画像処理手法による地形分類 ー国土数値情報を用いた例を中心としてー. 情報地質 6:97-108 (in Japanese with English abstract) DOI: 10.6010/geoinformatics1990.6.2_97 LINK
Iwahashi J, Pike RJ (2007) Automated classifications of topography from DEMs by an unsupervised nested-means algorithm and a three-part geometric signature, Geomorphology, 86, 409-440. DOI: 10.1016/j.geomorph.2006.09.012 LINK Data download site
Iwahashi J, Kamiya I, Matsuoka M and Yamazaki D (2018) Global terrain classification using 280 m DEMs: segmentation, clustering, and reclassification. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 5:1. DOI: 10.1186/s40645-017-0157-2 LINK Data download site

Following studies

Iwahashi J and Yamazaki D (2022) Global polygons for terrain classification divided into uniform slopes and basins. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science, 9, 33. LINK Data download site